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Everyone needs someone to just listen

Ever feel like you just need someone to talk to? Someone that is just willing to listen? Well, if that’s you and you’d let me, I’d like to be that person. No strings attached.

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Now I know what you're thinking, so here are some answers to help answer your questions.

Q: What’s the catch?

A: No catch at all. Just an opportunity to open up to someone about what’s going on in your life that will not judge.

Q: Yeah but you’re a pastor and you’ve got to want me to come to your church right?

A: Nope! I mean, I’d love for you to come check us out one day, but nope. If you come great! If you don’t that’s cool too.

Q: How much is this going to cost to meet with you?

A: Your time. The coffee, tea or water is on me!

Q: What can I talk about?

A: Whatever you like.

Q: Are these conversations private?

A: Absolutely

Q: How long are the conversations?

A:60min conversations. I understand that some may be meeting before work or on your lunch break. So I want to respect and honor your time.

Q: Will you give advice

A: Only if you’re willing to receive it.

Q: Will you pray for me

A: Only if you allow me too

Schedule your day & time today!

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