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Heart of the House

Our "why" we do this: The Mission and Vision of Forward 

The heart of the house is our mission to help people move forward in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

We are committed to investing in people's lives by helping them see the potential Christ has placed within them. 

So that in return, the vision is to see them Live life passionately, Serve our communities generously, and Love others unconditionally, just like Jesus.

- Hasani A. Lateef
Forward Church | Senior Pastor 

What To Expect

Gatherings begin at 10AM on Sundays. When you step into Forward, you will be greeted with smiling faces and the opportunity to grab a bottle of water, hot cup of coffee, or hot tea. The Gatherings last typically 60-80 min with a powerful and challenging teaching from Pastor Hasani with Q&A towards then end. Bring your bibles and be ready to receive what the Lord has for you.

What About Kids

We've got you covered! Our Forward Kids is from ages Pre-k through 5th grade. When you arrive with your little one, they will be greeted with a smiling face and then lead down to the kids room where they will enjoy a snack, a bible verse and free time to play. 

We know that it can be rough for little ones to get up in the morning, so we want to make their time here as smooth and enjoyable as possible while you receive what the Lord has for you. 

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Forward Kids
You have questions, we have answers.
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