Pastor Hasani & Katrina Lateef 

Hasani Lateef is a Believer in Christ Jesus, husband, father, pastor and entrepreneur. As the founding and senior pastor of Forward Church, his desire is that people not give up on life or each other. Help lead people forward to a relationship with Jesus and see them live, serve and love just like Christ. Pastor Hasani and Katrina live in the Lake Norman region with their three children. 

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Jada Thompson, Director of Operations 

Jada Thompson is a Believer in Jesus Christ, a wife, mom, and grandmother and entrepreneur. Her passion is for her family, serving others, and being a community ambassador. Her desire is that everyone knows how much Jesus loves them.  She is married to her wonderful Husband Erik, has 3 children and 4 grandchildren.

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Ashley Davis, Communications Coordinator  

Ashley is a believer in Jesus Christ, a daughter, sister and a fiance to her best friend Jay. She loves the Lord with every ounce in her and strives to see others grow in their relationship with Christ. She have a passion for writing devotions and really enjoys creating content for all things church online. She loves real/raw conversations that make you ask questions and bring you closer to Christ. Besides that, she loves cows and eating chicken, oh and the watching the grinch 😂

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