• Ashley D.

Faith brings JOY

Back when I was younger and I got saved, I always knew my life would change but I think I had the idea for some reason that it would all just magically happen and I would have that different feeling... The thought of "I would never have bad days because I had Jesus in my heart" seemed to always come to mind. Well, I wasn't wrong about having Jesus in my heart but I was wrong about the fact that I thought it would all magically happen. However, that "different feeling" is 100% real!

What do I mean by having that different feeling?

Let me give you a couple of examples. The other day, I was heading home from Taylorsville.. if anyone knows me then they know I am a sucker for beautiful views. I was on a back round listening to worship music and I couldn't help but pull over and just cry because the view was so gorgeous and the words in the song were so deep. They were words I was truly applying to my life. Words that I was talking to God with... Three years ago, I'd just sing along to Christian songs but when you have that relationship with Christ, you feel "different" when you sing those words, you feel the power in them and apply them.

This past Good Friday, I focused a lot on scripture and after reading the crucifixion story that morning, I spent a lot of the day crying and talking to God because this year... I wasn't focused on the fact that it was a "day off", it was so much more. I tried my hardest to spend all day thinking about how I didn't deserve what Jesus did, yet I was on his mind when he was on that cross!

Those are just a couple of examples as to what I mean... Now let us get to what scripture says!

All of Romans 5 speaks about how "Faith brings Joy". Verse 2 says "Because of our faith, Christ has brought us into this place of undeserved privilege where we now stand, and we confidently and joyfully look forward to sharing God’s glory". We can confidently look forward to sharing God's glory when we have that strong relationship with Christ. When you have that "different" feeling because of that strong connection, you can be joyful! Joy is by far my favorite word. I live by the saying Choose Joy, My youth pastor a few years ago taught us that JOY stood for Jesus Others Yourself. It's always stuck with me.

Also once you fully have that relationship you will WANT to rejoice during trials because you'll know that God got you!

This week: Ask yourself, "Do I have that "different" feeling in my life? Do I feel joyous during trials? If you answered No, start examining your relationship with Christ. Take control and FOCUS!

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