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Day 3: Matthew 18:21-22 - Embracing Boundless Forgiveness

Reading: Matthew 18:21-22 Devotional: Forgiveness can be one of the most challenging commands to follow, especially when wronged repeatedly. Yet, Jesus calls us to forgive "seventy times seven" times, symbolizing a forgiveness without limits. Contemplate the freedom that comes from letting go of grudges and the strength found in God to do so.

Questions for Reflection:

  1. Is there someone I need to forgive again, as Jesus taught?

  2. How does holding onto unforgiveness impact my spiritual well-being?

  3. In what practical ways can I express forgiveness to others, even when it's difficult?

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This message, for me, means a lot! Especially when I see this in family members who hold anger in their heart with other family members that are not with us anymore. It hurts more to see the anger, and the not being able to forgive took place was over some materialist things that can and has been replaced! The grudge of not being able to forgive lives so close with people around you that it hurts!

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